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Dedicating Be Brave Today to the Miller Family.

Touched, moved, and inspired.

I was and therefore I am.  It's a state of living, a state of grace that I find myself in.

At the Will It Fly event I hugged necks and made connections with those I will know for a lifetime. I found community and in that community, I found camaraderie and courage. Courage to be known, to be seen. Today I choose to practice positive visibility.

Meeting Dan and Joanne at the conference was life-changing. I shared Project Blooming with Joane and she asked that I follow up and send her further info. I never imagined Project Blooming would bear influence in such a powerful, personal manner.

Dan taught us how to live. His humility invited all of us to come as we are, and in that state of vulnerability, greatness is born. Speeches are shared, books have been written, dreams identified, coaching businesses birthed, and on and on and… Legacy who knows where it will end.

Something else so powerful was shown to me, I think for all of us. Is how to die well. The vulnerability, the authenticity of the Miller journey. Walking Dad home.  Wow. So powerful.

It's one thing to hear about courage… it's another thing to witness the journey.  To be counted as family. To be included on the journey.

I dedicate this piece, “Be Brave Today” to the Miller family.  

I pray the days ahead will be marked with bravery as we move forth to become Dan Miller's Legacy.

Thank you so much for showing us “how it's done.”

The art on Project Blooming has been created by cancer patients and their families.

In the workshop… the cards are dealt jack, queen, king, and three cards are dealt because things come in threes (so I’m told) and in this collaborative mixed media workshop each playing card is influenced by 6-8 different non artistic hands… This is how ordinary playing cards become extraordinary pieces of art.

I hope you enjoy the site. A portion of all sales through June 15th, will be given to the Miller family. Additionally, you can recieve 15% off on any canvas piece by using the discount code MILLER. 

I invite you to be a part of our soft launch – small focus groups will be invited to tour the site and have the opportunity to provide feedback. More information will be shared via Facebook. If you like to be a part of the soft launch – email me, please. Spaces are limited.

Thank you. I am honored to be a part of this community. I have been touched, moved, and inspired. Therefore I touch, move, and inspire others.

My dream now has wings. Let's watch it fly.

I invite you to share your experience in the comments below about how someone's bravery has touched your life. 

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  • The creator of this website, Linda Worle, has inspired me to be brave, in her example of being friendly to me at the 48 Days Eagles Will it Fly event in Sarasota, FL, this summer! Further, she invited me to look at her website, which was new, at the time! She showed me wonderful, creative and encouraging pictures, that she had lead to be created with groups of people, who were going through suffering. The pictures were so wonderful, that I had to purchase some immediately! Linda Worle is courageous, and inspires me to be courageous, too!

    "Sunny" Stacey Briggs on

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