Sponsors play an important role in the development of any company.  Project Blooming is grateful to each sponsor . . . each a Champion of Hope that makes our mission possible.

Botanical Interests' website is a joy to behold. We discovered them when we decided we wanted to include a zinnia seed packet in our welcome bags. The Victorian Word for Zinnia means friends and thinking of friends. Botanical Interests graciously volunteered to send us packets of zinnia seeds. Project Blooming is honored to have them as a Champion of Hope. www.botanicalinterests.com

We are so much more powerful together than alone.  In my own walk in those "surrender moments" a host of people have developed into a community. Its such a blessing to know I don't walk alone.  

Zinnia is the theme flower for Project Blooming. Nothing beats the thrill to be had in planting a seed and witnesing its emergence into the world. Not only does the zinnia provide burst of color to the full sun arena but also is an amazing cut flower to bring inside to enjoy!

Preferred Care at Home provides companion and care-giving services from gulf to bay to lower Pasco County, Florida.  All service providers are level two background screened and are matched to client needs. Continuity of care is Debbie Langrocks focus. http://preferhome.com/locations/north-pinellas-county

Richard A. Venditti, Tarpon Law is a Tarpon Springs, Florida lawyer specializing in Medicaid Planning, and also Probate, Estate Planning, including Trusts and Wills. He believes in  being prepared. His Medicaid Planning services are designed to help you and your loved ones plan for long term care, and are based off of the most current laws. His firm strives to provide you with peace of mind by preparing a proper estate plan for your specific needs.  I have found him to be delightful.  When one of my clients needed counsel.he has made himself available  A true Champion of Hope who is much appreciated.  http://tarponlaw.com

Jewel McKeon, Founder & President of P3 Agency, a firm specializing in Branding, Marketing, Creative, Websites and Strategic Planning. Her tag line is: Transforming the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.  The woman never ceases to amaze me.  Her encouragement is having a profound influence on me.  I find myself exploring the land of possibilities.  When we met for the first time I connected with Jewel my soul took flight as I saw my dreams were within my reach. The possibilities were exhilerating.When Her concepts for our name and logo captured my heart as all who have seen it. http://www.p3-agency.com/

Whim So Doodle offers a wide and varied array of supplies for scrapbookingpaper crafting, rubber stamping, fine arts, mixed media, sewing and more. We were excited when we met went to Whim So Doodle because it was a feast for the eye, the mind and our creative juices. When we shared what Project Blooming was with the staff, they immediately said they would call us to come and pickup their closeout inventory. We will share some of the collaborative art created at the Project Blooming workshops. . . each a unique treasure in its own right.

My salesman promised service... uh huh, we'll see how that turns out I thought to myself. One year later I have to report I have not been disappointed.  They have delivered on their promise to deliver a great customer experience.  All staff from the president's office, to service advisor, to the detail personnel are the essence of Excellence. Friendly KIA is true to their mission, vision and word!!!   Everyone whom I have met who has dealt with Friendly KIA in New Port Richey, has said the same thing... they are great!!   http://www.friendlykia.com/

Allegro - Inspired Senior Living - Allegro has graciously provided a beatiful environment for Project Blooming, as well as complimentary luncheons & beverages. The facilities are  beautiful and the staff is extremely courteous, kind and supportive.   http://www.allegroliving.com/

IOA - Insurance Office of America 
Our agents have a vested interest in their book of business, so our focus is the success of our clients. Our 25+ years of growth have been the result of long-term relationships and referrals that come from our loyal customers. We are determined to take the greed out of the business and replace it with genuine relationships with our clients.

We are committed to set ourselves apart from the industry by…

  • Bringing value back to the commodity world
  • Seeing ourselves as advocates and not just agents for our clients
  • Moving beyond the transaction to the transformational
  • Finding our independence in our community of interdependence
  • Pursing client loyalty over client satisfaction

Hope Soukup, Vice President  



 Where shopping is a pleasure.®  www.publix.com

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