Horticultural programs

I offer an array of Horticultural Programs. Botanical Gardens, private schools and garden clubs have hosted events. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, lets discuss details!  Fill out the inquiry card below. Some comments include:

Linda is like a breath of fresh air and lights up the room when she enters. She listens and teaches simultaneously.   Deborah Langrock.

Linda has been sharing her creativity and passion with our guests in customized programming that delight audiences of all ages from little ones to octogenarians.  Her passion and enthusiasm for gardening are contagious.  we look forward to hosting her with each visit.  Tricia Martin, Director of Education Bok Tower Garden


Living Wreath  Food not lawns
Container Gardening  Color in the garden 
Leaf Artistry Pruning & Propagation
Terrarium and more!


We also provide free, customized  flyers for each event that we provide.