Paperback The Persnickety Gardeners Guide to Pruning and Propagation

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This guide is your gateway to learning the art of pruning and propagation. A booklet filled with photographs and features the delightful debut of Linda’s Petal Head sketches. 

Explore leaf terminology and deepen your understanding of foliage anatomy, empowering you to cultivate with precision and insight. Discover the basics of palm tree care, ensuring your tropical companions flourish in any environment outside or indoors.

But beware of the shadows that lurk in paradise—learn to identify and combat palm tree diseases, safeguarding your plants against common threats. And amidst it all, find solace in a dedicated section for personal notes and observations, transforming this booklet into your own botanical resource.

Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned enthusiast, this booklet is your passport to a world where pruning and propagation blossom into artistry and expertise.

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